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2018 Dearling

Today is a sunny and beautiful day in Vancouver, but it was snowing suddenly in the early morning like mark a best first day of the year. As usual, I celebrate a holiday by spending my own peaceful time in the park on the way go home after hard-working hours. Watched the ducks calmly swimming in the lake and tender walking on the grass and did nothing. Just sat there and enjoyed the freezing air at that moment, took a deep breath as being in meditation and then remember all through 2018.
It seemed to be a new white page and an incredible year of my life. Something’s such so magical I realized, tried to learn and changed my life. 2018 is the year I’ve been growing up openly happily with the most grateful heart.

2018 is the year opening many opportunities to connect other beautiful souls in around the world, to learn new things from extraordinarily tiny things every moment, and the most special is recognization myself.
2018 is the year I honestly embrace myself most.

I learn more from others from myself, and I understand step by step myself in a different view. How calm am I, how I face the problem?

Nothing is significant. This suffering at the moment will be gone soon, the only happiness from is stillness.

Month by month as day by day, I am learning and growing up. Each month I have entirely made at least a special event which marked to upgrade my mature level.

January was the first month in my school; actually, I had a little culture shock. Jet lag, changing environment, making new friends, home-sick, … those things surrounded more than my expectation.

February gently has flown and with many things the first time, but I almost handled those so well. The feeling was as an adult. In March, I started my major Hospitality Management. More friends, more challenges, and all the best things trained myself more than I could imagine.

And I got an agreement from my first job in fool day of April. Well, such a good joke at that time but it was real and got me in the first experience. I knew the feeling working outside in the raining, freezing evening, the shoes got wet in 5 hours. I tried to apply more even I was nervous that I didn’t have enough potential to get those jobs. Fortunately, I made my dream come true when I got an interview in Breka bakery. It was incredible happiness for me. Because I didn’t believe in myself before.

In May, I decided to move out my homestay to look for a new place and start a new challenge for myself.

Finally, in June, I saved enough money to buy tickets coming back to Vietnam in 6 months late at my boyfriend ’birthday as a big surprise for him. And started to live in my new room. It’s so tiny but I feel it’s enough.

My dearest friend Joanna started going to school with me at the end of July. And you can imagine that we were working and going to school together. I feel we have each other all the time such a sister.

August, everything would be fine and I was so proud of my presentation about my own Vietnamese restaurant project. It inspired me more to make my bakery dream come true.

In 7th September, My class made a small celebration for Sarah and my birthday. I turned 23 and the first time in another country without my family.

I started to work 2 jobs at the same time in October. Kept working in all morning and going to school in the afternoon. It was hard but during seeking for the job, I raised my interview skill a lot and had chances to work in the different various bakeries and cafes around Vancouver. Otherwise, a special event has happened in my life, my boyfriend proposed me at the end of this month. After a lot of struggles of the long-distance relationship, we figured out, understood more and decided to go together ever ever after. You could imagine how happy I am at that time.

November came and the first time I know the feeling when I got fired with a funny reason from my boss. As always,  I honestly appreciate that experience because I could meet an intelligent colleague teaching me coffee knowledge. I learnt acceptance happily and see in the bright side of all situations. Started working full time in Breka. Oh, at the end of this month was black Friday and well, you could imagine how much money I spend on it.

Breka bakery became much more busier at the end of the year.  December is the month for Christmas and reunion. I was working every day with all the energy I had. It was so funny and special as I could meet and work all the colleagues in a day. Breka was like a supermarket in black Friday. My 2nd Christmas and New Year in Vancouver were so happy even I worked all.

A year look back, I could realize I’ve grown up rapidly. Without my family in another country push me more to take care of myself and learn how to handle with all my problems. I am grateful and happy to extend my comfort zone and discover deeply myself. I know what I want to do in my life, my purpose, my dream and my magic. I’m speechless when I describe how much I appreciate all Vancouver, Canada, 2018, my family, my boyfriend, my job, etc. That’s why I just keep and feel by my heart.

Thank you wholeheartedly for all my experiences, all the things I have till now. Many positive habits are changing my life to become better day by day. I’m going to share those with you in another post.

2019 is going to be a special year with a lot of big changes and events for me. Let see and savour every single moment in this year.

Do the things I love and do what scares me.

Stay positive,


Thuỵ An

As a blissful flower is blooming 🌸

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