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50 facts about me

I am full of 24 and step into 25 today. It is the most beautiful time of life. I am so humbled to say that my life is extremely lucky, happy, unique, adventurous and a lot of gratefulness.

List down 50 fun facts about me below is one of the ways to celebrate this special day.
Let’s start now.

1.Full name in Vietnamese: Nguyễn Thuỵ An (order in Vietnamese surname – middle – first name) – (An Thuy Nguyen in English)

2. Who named it: My mom named it for me based on the cute girl who she’s met before. My mom said she is so nice, beautiful, polite.

3. Meaning of my name: An (安) – means peace. Thuỵ (瑞) – is a dream (I’ve known since I was in high school but today I found out the other meaning for that). It has other meanings are Jewel or good omen. Nguyễn – 60-70% Vietnamese has the same surname Nguyen. In general, my name means a peaceful dream, a good sign of the Earth, or a peaceful jewel.
According to Eastern cultures, the name is the most vital meaning of people’s life. The meaning of names brings fate to your life. Based on belief, parents always choose the most beautiful names for their children and hope it will bring all the best.
eg: my name means peaceful dreams, I always have good dreams when I sleep/or I’m always so calm, nice as the bright jewel in life. Think like that way makes me feel happy but anyway it’s true though 😀

4. English name: Angie (my boyfriend named it), Annie (my English teacher), Anita (Mexican style), etc. And An is the best and easiest.

5. DOB: September 07th, 1995

6. Lucky number: 7 and 16

7. Favorite colours: PINK & white

8. Hometown: the city of Hai Duong (an hour drive away from capital Hanoi)

9. Who has the most influence on my personality: My mom and my boyfriend

10. Major in University: External Economic

My film picture

11. What brings me joy: Breathing, journaling, reading books, everything related to sports, taking photos, playing with design app as AI, PS, PR

12. My goals: Develop my blog, youtube channel to spread my positive energy; and have my own eco-friendly bakery & cafe.

13. Boyfriend’s name: Long Huu Nguyen (or John)

14. How long my relationship: We’ve known each other for 8 years and in the relationship for 3 years.

15. How did we meet and become an item: Through my ex. I used to go to the basketball yard to see ex after school. And my boyfriend now was playing there. I don’t remember why we started to be friends. He is always by my side but I just treated him as a close friend or sometimes a good brother. After 5 years, I opened my heart and realized he is more than a friend for me.

16. The most favorite part in my body: all my face :*

17. My style: maxi dress with a pair of basic white converse

18. Favorite movie genre: Documentary

19. Favorite food: the food my family cooks for me; Phở; Korean food

The most beautiful picture me with Vietnamese traditional Aodai

20. Favorite books Genre: self-help, novel Dan Brown, Guillaume Musso

21. The books changing my life: The Alchemist, Big Dream, 4 Agreements.

22. My favorite drinks: Decaf Caramel Macchiato with soy milk, matcha latte and brown sugar

23. The special drinks: Coffee. I love the coffee smell and working on coffee but I can’t get caffeine. It’s really affecting me.

24. Which sports I am playing: Badminton, Cheerleading, Soccer, Running, Swimming.

25. My strength: Organizing, living in the moment, writing.

26. What am I afraid of? Dirt

27. The smell I hate: Perfume.

28. Brands shoes I like: Converse and New Balance. I call my Converse shoes is a pair of happy shoes.

29. What subjects I am good at: Literature, Math, Language.

30. My good personality: Calm, and easy going

31. Sleep without a pillow: I never use a pillow in every type of background: on the floor, mattress, wooden floor, cement floor, etc. I feel uncomfortable.

32. Who influences positive energy for you? Vietnamese poet Xuan Dieu, blogger Aileen from Lavendaire and blogger Jasmine Lipska.

33. When I have the most ideas: When I am taking a shower. Or now I guess I get new ideas all the time I am awake.

34. I have a sensitive body skill: People can see my skin so easy to get red, even though I just hold my hands tightly. Sometimes it’s got itchy when I sit down in a sofa tho :))))

35. Folk dance: I don’t know exactly the reason why. But my body wants to move whenever I hear the melody. I’m really being myself when I perform on the stage. Some videos I danced:

36. I am a contradictory person: For example, I’m a hard-working person but I’m a lazy girl also. I dislike dirt but I leave a mess sometimes. I am super nice, easy-going, but I’m a mean girl at the same time :)))

Thịt nướng của quán anh đẹp trai Chùa Láng.

37. Favorite song: Que Séra Séra

38. The songs play in my wedding: Perfect, Can’t help falling in love, I wanna grow old with you.

39. I did have an eyes surgery before

40. I’ve never dyed my hair before. All my hair is natural

41. I cut my hair by myself as always. I used to stand in front of the mirror, measure my hair and cut. Done.

42. Where I do want to live: In the small house embracing all the flowers and plants.

43. 3 places I’m gonna go in the nearest time: Thailand, Korea and Bali

44. Sea or Mountain: Sea

45. My dream job: blogger or job related to writing and spreading positive energy, creative creator and help people be brave to follow their dream life.

46. Picture my dream life: Running a small eco-friendly bakery & cafe with my husband in a small town. Have a garden and plant flowers, vegetable. Be free to spend time with my family, reading books, baking, gardening, writing and filming to keep all our memories.

Sao Biển resort in Bình Lập island

47. The habits change my life: meditation, yoga, journaling.

48. How many jobs I’ve been doing in Van: 5 jobs and Breka is the only one I’m still working.

49. Languages I am studying now: Spanish, French, Korean

50. What I do to get relaxing more: Listening to Westlife’s songs

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy and got to know me more.

Stay tuned and always be cheerful.

Thuỵ An

As a blissful flower is blooming 🌸

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