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About The Moon Soul blog

Hi, beautiful dearling, 

My name is An. I am a sweet, dreamy girl in this beautiful world, and I am the content creator of Themoonsoul blog.

Thank you so much for being here right now and read these sentences. I am so grateful to have you here in my new journey.

Where did this idea come from? 

If you know me in real life, you know I am such an energetic, positive and talkative girl. I can be working, running around all the time and chatting together with my colleagues. I love literature, writing, communication with everyone in both verbal way and letters. A ton of ideas that always come up in my head.

I’ve had a lot of unofficial blogs before such as Angie, Thuỵ An, etc. However, I couldn’t keep myself persistency to continue them more than three months. For a while, how I am genuinely blissful when all the ideas still inspire me a lot then try to tell me “Just do it,” “your purpose in this world means to do it.” It seemed to be energetic thought as always remind me and pushed me out my fear and got started.

I got inspire from beloved, talented blogger Aileen – Lavendaire and Jasmine Lipska so much also. They are incredible fantastic motivators and the real examples to prove for me that “You can dream it, that means you can make it come true.”

My Dream – Just do it

Last year, I started planning my new project “Plein De Vie” – French words mean “Full of Life.” This project will talk about my experiences, my real stories, and how I can be optimistic, alive and grateful like right now. Plein De Vie would be a blog, an animation Youtube channel, and afterward, it would become the name of my eco-friendly coffee shop. I wanted to use French because it is one of 2 languages in Canada. The place where I can be free, open-minded and aware to follow my dream.

This is a new journey because doing blogging is not as easy as I thought before. I have to do coding for every single step. The more new challenging I have to handle, the more knowledge I can learn. Honestly, It’s kind of exciting thing I’ve ever enjoyed. So Themoonsoul blog is my “baby” when I started to make it exist and grow it up day by day.

I had the opportunity to live in Vancouver. Well, it’s an incredibly beautiful time in my life.  With this personal blog, I am going to keep all my memories and beautiful moments here. And somedays looking back then, I will be happy with all experiences.

Why Themoonsoul?

 Besides keeping storage for my memory, I wanted to start Themoonsoul to share all my knowledge, experience, to spread my positive and grateful energy from my journey.

The moon soul is going to help you explore a new part of yourself you’ve never known before with Flowers Bloom project. All of us have a side is so soft, gentle, connected to the universe. The ones have never shown in our out appearance, always been hiding and explain to all our behavior. The soul helps you to enjoy this beautiful life, know how to love yourself and make a chance for you to be better every day. We all might learn to live full of life, vibrant, and lovable in gratitude. They are making you brave enough, confident enough to follow your dream. “Shining your highest soul”

I am writing this blog in both English and Vietnamese to connect with beautiful souls as much as possible.

With me, each of us is a blissful flower is blooming in the global garden. Well, the flowers just bloom. We are all beautiful and shining in our unique way.

I am thankful again for everything I’ve had. Hope we are doing well, always fulfilled, joyful and creating your dreams life.

Stay positive and love yourself!


Thuỵ An

As a blissful flower is blooming 🌸

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