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First six month of 2019 look back

Half of 2019 has passed already. Time flies so fast in recent years for me. I feel like it seemed we just celebrated Christmas and New Year last week. Well, looking back all the things have happened, I’m really proud of myself. Setting goals and pushing yourself to achieve those is the best challenge you should try in youth. Otherwise, you can see yourself clearly growing up and develop step by step after each achievement. This feeling is positive energy because it motivates you, inspire you much more than you can imagine. So there are things I have done in the past six months:

  • Travel to another country

Thailand is a beautiful country and makes me have a good vibe. I am genuinely an Asian girl, and that’s why all the local friendly people, all types of food, all the view do me love right at the first time. I bet the longer time I spend there, the more good impression extends in my heart. And of course, I’ll be back here often in somedays.

  • Work at YVR airport

I don’t know what is the reason I do love everything related to the airport. Since I was a child, I have loved looking at the sky to see airplanes. And The feeling coming there, the profession, the crowd, looking the flight in close sight, etc. Every single thing makes me super excited. All of those reasons asked me to apply and get a job in YVR. Fortunately, after a half month coming back to Vancouver, I got a new job there. Do the job I love in the place I’ve dreamed of.

  • Dare to try new things + do what scares me

Every day, we often have at least a new thing in your life. Personally, you can choose the 2 ways to face: keep it up or come back to the familiar way. If was me before, I used to get out my comfort zone and hesitate to try new things.  But now, I’ve been moving a lot and I love to know and discover all around.

  • Kindle & Macbook

With others, those are not a big deal or special. But for me, I made a wish last year and planned to get. Finally, I saved enough money and bought by my own money I’ve earned. All the books in a kindle and all my favorite and next “check” in my wishlist starts from now on.

  • Start blogging

I’ve had a lot of blogs before, there were my private spaces to satisfy my writing demand and keep up that good habit. But it is not as simple as I thought before that just pay money then everything would be done (Of course, if you spend money to upgrade to a pro account based on or I mention another way to do blogging based on CODING. The first time, I was lost because I had to do every single step from buy domain, hosting to run this blog, set plugin, etc. So hard to do in the beginning and easier when I’m getting used to it. I’ve found a lot of fun when learning new skills. And I have strong possession: “It’s really mine as my child”.

  • Study AI, PR and AE

One of my best things came true. I’ve learnt Adobe Illustrator from my housemate. I’m speechless to describe how amazing this program can make. I can draw and design whatever in my mind. I love those and I achieve myself more to improve skills. I’m honestly grateful for the founders and creators of these Adobe programs. Actually, it is the best incredible magic exists in this era of 4.0 life.

  • Meditation regularly

Meditation is changing my life and the people around me. I keep this habit daily to make me enjoy this life more and more.

  • Do yoga

Stretching your body every morning is a good routine you should try.  I move my body slowly and can feel it in real. Through Yoga, I’ve been connecting more with my soul and physical body.

  • Learn Spanish and Korean

I just knew I have a passion for languages. When living in multiple city of Vancouver, I like understanding other languages out of English. I think I can understand them and communicate more effectively.

  • Enjoy the now present purely

The more I meditate, the more I understand why I should enjoy this life and make me happy. The Now at this moment is the most vital thing you should keep in your mind. Nothing is more important than that. Even the Past you couldn’t change and the Future you never can control. You can breathe, you can see, you are walking, smiling, you can enjoy the smell from beautiful roses and so on. All just happen right now. That’s why the present is Present.

I hope in the last 6 months of 2019, I do more my wishlist and make the best year ever of my life. I swear by trying all my best.

And yours? How’s going on in the first 6 months? Let share it below in the comment. Glad to know your experiences also.


Stay positive and enjoy life!

Thuỵ An

As a blissful flower is blooming 🌸

2 thoughts on “First six month of 2019 look back

  1. Hope that can have a lovely date in this Octorber with An :)))) Communicating in English is more prefered (if all of us can)

    1. Sure, my dear. I prefer to write in English also, but it will take more time for the ideas. Because the Vietnamese mindset and English are different.
      Thanks for your supporting. Hope to see you more.
      Subscribe if you want to get more articles :))))

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